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Chafersa is established since the 80´s. We are veneer manufacturers, and traders of fine slicing veneers and burls mainly of European, American and African species. Our experience in the wood business dates back over 60 years, when our first sawn lumber warehouse was born.

Our knowledge of woods makes us able to offer our customers a wide range of quality products and opportunities.

Chafersa has a very specialized and reliable team, which combines experience and youth, whose objectives are to provide confidence with a quality product and custom SOLUTIONS to our customer’s needs.

We believe our responsible and energetic team determine our policy and way of work. Our strong principles of reliability, professionalism and concern for the environment are present in our work every day.


Camino San Onofre, 11 46960 ALDAYA (Valencia)   ESPAÑA      Tel.: (+34) 96 151 91 54   -   Fax: (+34) 96 151 07 47      Chafersa